PinYou may already be using Pinterest, a free website that works as a digital clipboard and lets users “pin” or clip images and links from the web, organize them into “boards” and share them with others.  Pinterest isn’t just for planning a wedding or keeping track of recipes!  A number of libraries have recently become active on Pinterest.

SFC Library joined Pinterest about a year ago and we’ve been blissfully pinning ever since.  There are a lot of online tools to help keep track of bookmarks and website addresses but we really like Pinterest because it allows us to visualize the links we’ve saved.  Instead of sharing a long URL we can just share a screenshot of a website. If we want people to know about a new book, a thumbnail of the book cover tells people a lot more than they can get from just reading title and author information.

Most of our boards are centered around specific majors like our popular “Nursing” Board or our “Fine Arts” Board but we also have boards for “New eBooks”, “Faculty Publications” and “SFC History in Pictures”.  Our goal is ultimately to promote our library resources and also recommend websites that students might find valuable for research or study.

You don’t need to join Pinterest to look at our pins but if you are a member feel free to comment or suggest pins.  Happy pinning!


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