There’s a fancy-pants brand new way to do library research!  Finding articles used to be a multi-step process. Often you would have to search several databases in order to find what you needed because different databases are owned by different companies. For example, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition is a database owned by EBSCO. Science Direct however is a database owned by Elsevier. So if you wanted to search every single database that contains nursing articles, you might have to search as many as 10 different databases. Not to mention if you needed a book or an eBook that would involve another search on another screen. For a long time librarians at SFC Library have been looking for a way to make researching articles simpler and less repetitive.


That’s why we are excited to debut our new ALL-IN-ONE SEARCH! Over the Summer SFC Library Staff have been testing and installing a new discovery layer tool for our library to make searching easier. All-in-one literally means EVERYTHING, in one step.* Now search the whole library: Books, eBooks, DVDs, articles, images through one search box. No more switching between tabs, keeping multiple browser windows open or repeating the same exact search multiple times.


Click for close up view!

We are very excited about this change! We hope it will make the library easier to use for everyone!

(*We are still in process of integrating Proquest databases and hope to integrate these into all-in-one search very soon!)


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